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ally is a semiautobiographical work by Madison Scott-Clary focusing on the mutability of the past. The book is written in the form of a conversation between the author and an alter ego which refers to itself as not a friend, but an ally.

Like memory, it is disjointed and full of tangents and asides as topics come in and out of focus. This is shown through the construction of the book, where multiple stories will take place at the same time on each page, page and text colors will alter the mood, and images and old diary entries will crop up.

Memories follow the topics of gender, identity, mental health (including bipolar disorder, medication, and suicidality), and creativity.

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Madison Scott-Clary
Release date
June 1, 2020
Autobiography/memoir, focusing on gender, identity, mental health, and spirituality.
466 numbered, 474 total
8.5x8.5", weighing in at two and a half pounds.
  • Physical: paperback with full color interior on 70lb white paper, matte softcover.
  • Electronic: PDF only.
  • Physical: suggested retail price of US$50.00, available to retailers from IngramSpark with a 40% discount.
  • Electronic: US$10.00+ (PWYW), direct only.


There are images on the book page, all of which may be downloaded as a zip file. More are available on request.

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About the author

Madison Scott-Clary is a transgender author, poet, and programmer. She is also the editor-in-chief of Hybrid Ink, LLC, a small publisher focused on thoughtful fiction, exploratory poetry, and creative non-fiction. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her cat and two dogs, as well as her husband, who is also a dog on the internet.

You can find more of her work at and more about her at She is on twitter as @makyo_writes.

There are two available author portraits, one literal and one symbolic. If the symbolic one is used, it must be credited as “art by Julian Norwood —”.

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