February 21, 2020

A book?



A question I struggle with just as much as you.

Obviously. Best guess, then.

Best guess, this project has become important to me and integral to my writing in a way that I can’t really express without waxing maudlin about writing again. It’s something I’ve poured time and love and blood and sweat and tears into. I’m proud of it.

Is it not enough as it stands?

It’s great as it stands. It’s just that I’d also love to see this as a production that I can show to others. Something I can see on others' bookshelves. Something I can maybe see in a bookstore.

Why the struggle, then? Why not just publish it and accept your pride?

Who am I to say my life is interesting enough to put in front of other people’s eyes? How can I possibly suggest that my words are worth reading when they are about things that impact so very few people?

Like, Restless Town was something that I was proud of, but I didn’t have this compunction because there are more trans people than just myself, more poly folks than just myself, more furries than just me. Ditto Rum and Coke.

And Eigengrau?

Poetry — at least much of that poetry — is more universal than even the stories in Restless Town.

This is about gender, poly, and furry. Must the whole book be applicable to be enjoyed?

No, I suppose not.

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That’s right, for better or for worse, ally is coming out in book form! It’s up for pre-order, in both paperback and PDF digital editions. Read more about it here!